Saturday, March 17, 2012

Inner light mineral dual foundation

This powder is so amazing. I have oily skin and for years I was covering my face with so much liquid foundation due to acne. I am now 28 and my skin is completely different now and no longer need such a heavy coverage. I am always skeptical to use just a powder because I never thought I would get the coverage I needed, well I was very wrong. The first time I used this powder alone it was great, it goes on smooth, gives a wonderful light to medium coverage without looking powdery at all due to their being no talc in the products. If you want a fuller coverage you can dampen the sponge a little and add more. Throughout the day if my skin gets a little shine I can brush on a little just for touch ups and it still looks amazing and evens out my skin tone and still will not look like I have a lot of makeup on. One of my favorite powders out there. !

Urban Decay De Slick

I gotta say I am super impressed with this spray, but why think anything less then great when it comes to urban decay!  I have used other setting sprays as shown in my other posts and they did work great but when my client told me about the product I had to try it out for myself. Working in a salon it becomes very stuffy and super hot especially in the summer and I love my makeup so it would be great to not have it melting off my skin half way through the day lol...So I go to sephora and happily buy the de slick and excited to use it the next day. My client was right when she said her makeup stays in place ALL day, I finished my makeup and sprayed about 4 sprays over my face and dried  it with the blow dryer. No smell or residue left behind. I work from 1-9 and apply my makeup around 11 am and by 9 pm my makeup is still in place, absolutely AMAZING !!!!

Damage Remedy daily hair repair

I really Love this product. As an Aveda stylist every time I use this product in my clients hair I cannot stop touching and feeling the softness. With Certified organically-derived quinoa protein it strengthens the hair also acting as a heat protector with wheat protien. This gentle leave in is so light you really only need a nickle size. Women are often turned off by leave in treatments as they feel it will way their hair down, but believe me this will not way it down as long as you apply the right amount .

Anyone who has color or chemically treated hair can use this, or anyone who feels their hair is being dried out form excessive heat styling. A little bit really does go a long way. To apply add a nickle size to you palm and spread through your hands like lotion, starting in the mid section of you head comb the product through with your fingers, never apply right to the top of your head with palms facing down, continue to comb all through the hair and adding it to the ends as well, when finished take the remaining product on your hands and comb through the top of your head. Enjoy this product, it is AMAZING :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


This line is about a year old, I had the great opportunity to work with them and become a rep while I was in California. I have been to the main office where everything is shipped from and where they often hold great events to market the makeup! Surprisingly I actually do like the makeup a lot and have been using it ever since. Because it is a new line there is not a ton to choose from, but what they do have is great and cover the necessities of everyday makeup. It is parabean free and non-comedigenic which is something everyone is now looking for in makeup these days. I do have oily skin but sometimes like a full coverage and with this foundation I can get it without it suffocating my skin, I love the blushes and the lip glosses. The line can only be purchased by a makeup rep and that is something I can do for you! Please take a look at the site and feel free to email me with any questions :) . Look here for more.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Knowing nothing about airbrush makeup or machines, I have bought a few different things the cheaper way to see if it would all work the same. I am an impulse buyer and I get very excited and just want to buy buy buy lol, so after a bit more research and finding more airbrush websites, I actually found a good set from a sited called I know there are sites such as Dinair, Kett, and a bunch others, but I just ordered mine through that site under the airbrush section and I am happily pleased with it. It came with 2 airbrush guns, one I can use for makeup and one I can use for spray tan, which I have already used!. I don't know a whole lot about airbrush makeup but I'm doing my research and cannot wait to get started on it. Look here for good deals on airbrush machines.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have not used this on any brides yet as I do not have any weddings until February but I was curious how it would work if I paired it with the no more shine from Skindinavia and I was definitely happy with the results, like I've mentioned before I work in a salon and it gets extremely hot in there, I spray the no more shine first then do my makeup and set it with the bridal finish and it definitely keeps my makeup in place even when it gets hot in the salon, it no longer melts off my skin like it use to, I only wish I knew about these products in the summer time and had them for my brides then. I can't wait to use it on my bride to see what she says about it. The product is light,no smell and does not feel like there is anything on your skin, but sets the makeup in place and makes your skin look like your own but fresher. I can't wait to try the rest of their products and re-review this in February once I use it on my bride and get her input. Thanks Skindinavia!

Monday, December 13, 2010


I heard of this product from doing one of my many searches online for new products, I seen it on a youtube video found here: she has some great videos! I am in the salon during the week and it can get very very hot in there, also our ventillation is awful so within a few clients I am automatically very shiny and my makeup is melting off my skin, I do have oily skin as well so the combination is awful, as a hairstylist and makeup artist I do not look very attractive lol or put together once my makeup is smearing off my skin, so I am up to try anything that says no more shine!

Well here is my review: Once I finish my morning skin prep, I spray the No more shine about 4 time onto my face and let it dry for a minute before applying my makeup, a few hours into my work day and a couple blowdrys later my makeup is still in place but like i said I do have oily skin so some shine does come through but it is no where near what it was before, I wish I found this in the begining of the summer time because it was super hot here in Boston. So I am happy to say that I do like this product a lot, it's light, does not bother my skin and it does keep everything in it's place, I cannot wait to use their other products for photo shoots and up comming weddings.